February 13, 2020

Gulf Watch Alaska Researchers Featured in Conservation Connection Podcast

Photography credit: Tim Shobe, Foggy Lens Photography, Madison Kosma and Caitlin Blaisdell.

The podcast Conservation Connection interviews today’s leading wildlife scientists and conservationists about their most recent findings. We were thrilled to host the producers Last Chance Endeavors, Chance and Sarah Kathryn, during the 2019 Sitka WhaleFest. Throughout this years festival many of our fabulous speakers, Jackie Hildering, Rob Suryan, Mayumi Arimitsu, Janet Neilson, Keisha Bahr and even a Science Center Education Director, Janet Clarke, were interviewed and have since been featured on the program.

Get access to podcasts featuring Gulf Watch Alaska researchers, Rob Suryan and Mayumi Arimitsu, here: http://sitkawhalefest.org/conservation-connection/