Collaboration between multiple federal, state, and private entities with funding provided by the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council makes the Gulf Watch Alaska Program possible. The program consists of 27 principal investigators and many additional support personnel working on 11 projects within three distinct but integrated components (environmental drivers, nearshore ecosystem, and pelagic ecosystem). Our Program Management Team administers the program and leads efforts to synthesize analyses across the program with support from the Science Coordinating Committee that includes representatives from each component. An independent Science Review Panel, composed of esteemed oceanographers and ecologists, provides internal technical oversight and review for the program.

The Gulf Watch Alaska Program team. 1st row (left to right): Donna Aderhold, Carol Janzen, Katrina Hoffman, Elizabeth Swain, Terrie Klinger. 2nd row: Russ Hopcroft, Kathy Kuletz, Anne Schaefer, Jan Straley, Mayumi Arimitsu. 3rd row: Rob Suryan, Stacey Buckelew, John Moran, Mandy Lindeberg. 4th row: Sonia Batten, Daniel Monson. 5th row: Rob Campbell, Richard Brenner, Heather Coletti, Daniel Esler. 6th row: Seth Danielson, Chris Turner, Kim Powell, Robb Kaler. 7th row: Craig Matkin, Elizabeth Labunski, Harold Batchelder, Kris Holderied, Leslie Holland-Bartels. Top row: James Bodkin, Mary Anne Bishop, Sam McClatchie. Not shown: Brenda Ballachey, Tom Dean, Katrin Iken, Kim Kloecker, Brenda Konar, John Piatt,  Jeep Rice, Jessica Shepherd, and Ben Weitzman.