May 18, 2019

GWA Shares With Seldovia About ‘What’s Up in Kachemak Bay?’

On May 17, Gulf Watch Alaska scientists met with Seldovia residents to share information about marine ecosystem observations in Kachemak Bay. Researchers Kris Holderied and Dominic Hondolero (NOAA-NCOS Kasitsna Bay Lab), Brenda Konar and Danielle Siegert (UAF SFOS), and Ben Weitzman and Kim Kloecker (USGS) gave short presentations ranging from ocean temperature variation, to intertidal organisms, and sea otter populations. The presentations were followed by over two-hours of lively conversation by the Seldovians, who discussed their own observations and curiosities about their ‘backyard’ Bay. This event was co-organized with Ground Truth Trekking, as part of their ongoing climate change community conversation series.