Data Management

Who We Are

Carol Janzen, Alaska Ocean Observing System

Rob Bochenek, Axiom Data Science

Stacey Buckelew, Axiom Data Science

Chris Turner, Axiom Data Science


Managing oceanographic data is challenging due to the variety of methods for collecting diverse data types.  Data may be generated by automated real-time sensors, remote sensing platforms, field observations, model outputs, and more.  Data are collected from a wide spectrum of scientific observations and include a large range of metrics, from general ocean dynamics to identification of plankton species.  As part of this effort, data collected through Gulf Watch Alaska are described, archived and made available for use by the public and resource managers.


Data for these efforts were from the entire EVOS spill-affected area.


The Alaska Ocean Observing System (AOOS) and Axiom Data Science support the transfer of information among Gulf Watch Alaska researchers and develop applications for the data generated by the program. Axiom has created a secure, cloud-based platform, named the Research Workspace, through which investigators share data and collaborate. Data are published from the Workspace to the publicly accessible Gulf of Alaska Data Portal. In addition to the Gulf Watch data, the portal provides access to multiple mapped data resources from across the region, including real-time sensor data, model and remote sensing data, and GIS information. Project data are curated by the data management team and archived within the Research Workspace DataONE Member Node for long-term preservation and discovery by broader scientific audiences.