Outreach & Community Involvement

Outreach activities and products focus on natural resource agencies and the interest of spill-affected communities, such as Cordova, Alaska.

Who We Are

Katrina Hoffman, Outreach and Community Involvement Lead

Stacey Buckelew, Outreach Coordinator


The Outreach and Community Involvement activities are important to ensure that stakeholders and the general public have broad access to program findings and results. These activities are focused on exchanging information with Trustee Agency managers and community members with interests in the spill area.


Outreach and community involvement activities will be completed throughout the EVOS region, with a focus on Prince William Sound and lower Cook Inlet.


Outreach and community engagement activities are centered around receiving input from key community individuals and agencies to learn how data and information products can best serve them.  Trustee Agency public relations and outreach experts will be engaged to ensure that the Gulf Watch Alaska outreach products and content are aligned with their agency outreach priorities. Additionally, listening sessions will be held in Alaska Native communities to provide an avenue for traditional ecological knowledge to be shared with Gulf Watch Alaska scientist.  We will maintain and expand upon the website to ensure that outreach products are relevant and available to spill-affected communities and members of the Public Advisory Committee.

An Outreach Steering Committee will help to guide the development of products to inform community members and resource managers about changes in the environment and the impact of these changes on injured resources and services.  The Outreach Steering Committee includes key outreach staff from the Alaska Ocean Observing System, the Prince William Sound Science Center, Kachemak Bay Research Reserve, Alaska SeaLife Center, North Pacific Research Board, Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE) Alaska, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), US Geological Survey (USGS), and Alaska Sea Grant.